CAS Exhibitions

Exhibitions have long been an important part of what the Computer Arts Society does. At present we have access to two exhibition spaces, BCS Moorgate in London and Phoenix in Leicester. Both locations have a pre-installed set of 20 13" "x 19" (landscape) picture frames, allowing made-to-measure printed work to be shown easily, typically for two or three months. If you would like to host a similar set of frames in your location please let us know and we can discuss adding you to our list of venues. BCS Moorgate is a large, multiroom space and can also host custom-framed work and 3D pieces. CAS members can propose exhibitions which will be discussed by the management committee.

Exhibition Schedule

BCS, Moorgate, London
July-November 2023CAS Members' Exhibition 2023 (Full Exhibition)
December 2023-February 2024Quantel Paintbox (20 Prints)
February-September 2024 Peter Hardie (Original Artworks)
March-May 2024Alex May (20 Prints)
June-September 2024CAS Members' Show 2024 (20 Prints)
October 2024-January 2025Sue Gollifer Retrospective (Full Show)
Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre, Leicester
November 2023-January 2024Leicester Computer Art Pioneers (20 Prints)
February-May 2024Jack Tait (TBC)
June-August 2024Alex May (TBC)
September-November 2024Sean Clark (TBC)

Exhibition Pages

Past Exhibitions

July-October 2023Paul Brown Retrospective, Phoenix, Leicester (20 Prints)
May/June 2023Quantel Paintbox, Phoenix, Leicester (20 Prints)
March-June 2023Paul Brown Retrospective, BCS Moorgate, London (20 Prints)
March/April 2023Ernest Edmonds at 80, Phoenix, Leicester (20 Prints)
December 2022-February 2023Ernest Edmonds at 80, BCS Moorgate, London (20 Prints)
July-October 2022Micro Arts Group Collection, BCS Moorgate, London (20 Prints)
2021 and Before
7th-26th June 2021Micro Arts Group Collection, LCB Depot, Leicester (Full Exhibition)
January 2020-February 2021CAS50 Exhibition, BCS Moorgate, London (Full Exhibition)
22nd July-7th August 2019CAS50 Phase 2 Exhibition, LCB Depot, Leicester (Full Exhibition)
12th-17th July 2019Event Two, Royal College of Art, London (Full Exhibition)
14th-23rd September 2018CAS50 Phase 1 Exhibition, Phoenix, Brighton (Full Exhibition)
21st May-13th June 2018CAS50 Phase 1 Exhibition, LCB Depot, Leicester (Full Exhibition)