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The Computer Arts Society began in 1968 and originally ran until 1985. It was restarted in 2004 has been the subject of two major research projects - CACHe (2002-2005) and Computer Art and Technocultures (2007-2010). These activities resulted in the cataloguing of a large number of physical materials that are now part of The V&A's Computer Art Collections. Digital copies of many of these materials are also available in our online archive.

As part of CAS50 we are looking to expand our digital archives by collecting new materials and making those gathered by earlier projects easier to search and browse. Please get in touch with. if you have any additions you think may be of interest.

CAS YouTube Channel

The CAS YouTube Channel contains our own uploaded videos as well as many curated playlists of other computer arts related videos found on YouTube. Please contact us if you have any original video materials you would like us to upload to the channel.

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White Heat Cold Logic (2009)
Paul Brown,‎ Catherine Mason,‎ Charlie Gere and Nicholas Lambert

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